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About Aircraft Maintenance Hawaii

Aircraft Maintenance Hawaii (AMH) is a second generation aviation company. My father started a tour company in the 1950s called Hawaiian Air Tour Service (HATS) and a maintenance company a few years down the road to maintain the tour planes, called Aviation Service Inc (ASI). It was in my early years where I gained much knowledge of general aviation maintenance. ASI was a general repair station #970 and we did everything from propeller / engine / accessory overhauls to major sheet metal repairs and also instrument and radio repair. Now days I’m not sure if many general repair stations even exist due to extreme regulations. Eventually I went to work at Hawaiian Airlines to learn about turbo-prop and jet maintenance under FAR part 121. After 10 years I left to start a flight school and maintenance company and now I have found the perfect balance in Aircraft Maintenance Hawaii.

We perform routine maintenance and non-routine maintenance on general aviation aircraft and also are the only engine overhaul shop in Hawaii with a calibrated run-up stand. Our goal is to provide a quality product at an affordable price and to let the customer become part of the experience, whether it is an owner assist annual inspection or an engine overhaul. We look forward to seeing you in the future.

Owner Operator Jahn Mueller
Owner Operator Jahn Mueller

Hans Mueller Receives Commendation

My father, Hans Mueller received a commendation from the Aviation Hall of Fame for his service to the lunar landing astronauts. Read more here.